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Ark Naturals Pet Remedies Gentle Digest Prebiotic & Probiotic120 bite size soft chews

$ 9.79

Brand Ark Naturals

all natural products, members of NPA,APPA,NASC, AND GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES

Active ingred. Bacillus Coagulans 100 mill.viable spores per chew, Ingred. black malt extract, asorbic acid, dry poultry liver flavor, flax seed oil, gelatin, glycerin, natural flavors, salt, whey

Under 25 lbs 1 chew per day, Under 50 lbs 2 chews per day, Over 50 lbs 3 chews per day

For dogs and cats 12 weeks and over, gentle digest helps promote growth of friendly bacteria in pet's digestive tract. To restore digestive balance, help occasional bouts of diarrhea, constipation, reduce gas, helps pets under stress, helpls with ear yeast infections, and with absorption of critical nutrients.

Not Kosher