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Ark Naturals Pet Remedies Ears All Right (gentle ear cleansing lotion) 4 fl. oz.

$ 12.21

Brand Ark Naturals

Aloe Vera Gel WL, FG Isopropanol USP Glycerine 99.5% USP Deionized Water Calendula Extract Rosemary Extract Myrrh Extract Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Support for pets with itchy ears, gunky and smelly ears ...& just makes your pet’s ears FEEL GOOD! A gentle ear cleaning lotion formulated to clean and maintain your pet’s ear health. Healthy pet ears should not smell! We recommend you actually smell the inside of your pet’s ears. If they smell ‘stinky’ we recommend you use Ears all Right™ Proper use of Ears All Right™ supports your pet’s ear health by breaking down and removing wax and foreign debris. Ears all Right™ is especially effective in reducing occasional redness, irritations and infestations.

Not Kosher